Club established by a local miniature rifle club along the original Lord Roberts lines. It flourished until the Great War, when our last record of events is in 1917.


Club founded in its present form. The local Home Guard, 11th Herts Battalion, was stood down in December of 1944. The local paper records the creation of an Old Comrades Association on the 10th of January 1945. At the initial meeting, the establishment of a rifle club was discussed, and the unit retained it’s aims, membership and personnel by doing just that. Within a few weeks, there first shoot was reported in the local paper. Many other units did the same, hence the ‘( 1944 )’ or ‘( HGA)’ in their names.


The club’s name was originally ‘Bishops Stortford Home Guard Association Rifle Club, but some time in the early 1950s the ‘(1944)’ name was adopted. In the early days, the club subscribed to the Herts Teritorial and Auxilliary Forces Association, as well as tha N.R.A. The Club used the range then available in the Drill Hall, Bishops Stortford, under the aegis of the Herts T & AFA.


The Drill Hall in Bishops Stortford becomes a health centre. The Club moves to various temporary sites looking for a permanent home. Club documents record 13 separate schemes which were seriously pursued before the present site was acquired.


Final BS RC Site foundations

The work on the range at Alsa Lodge starts with placing of the reinforcing bars ready for the concrete to be poured.

Alsa Lodge; placing of the reinforcing bars ready for concrete pouring.

The concrete being poured for the base of the indoor range and cluhouse.

Concrete being poured

The portal frames being erected for the walls and roof.
Portal frames being erected

Hm! It’s funny how when you’ve completed building something there’s always a few bits left over. Anyone know where these bits go?

Bits left over?

The 25 yard indoor range and clubhouse nears completion.

25 yard indoor range
Meanwhile work procedes on building the backstop for the 100 yard outdoor range.